Q: Do I need any previous cycling experience?
A: Yes, this is a cycling-centered trip and riders must be comfortable with road cycling and be in condition to cycle 35-60 miles in a day.

Q:  How fast do I need to cycle?
A:  Daily rides will vary due to terrain, however expect a moderate pace of 13-15 mph.

Q:  Who will lead the tour?
A:  Experienced riders from the States along with a local Spanish cyclist.

Q: Are there any pre-ride/post-ride activities?
A: Yes!  The itinerary is still in development however there will be opportunities to experience some local sight-seeing, culture, as well as working with staff members of the Papilio organization and the Red Cross to provide support for women on the streets.

Q:  I don’t have any experience or training to work with people involved in sex-trafficking, am I qualified?
A:  Our local Seattle team will provide some optional pre-trip training opportunities and the Papilio team will be present and provide assistance.

Q:  I speak little to no Spanish, is that okay?
A:  Yes, our team will have English/Spanish interpreters.  Also, many of the young women on the streets speak English.

Q:  Are there any medical limitations?
A:  If you are concerned about any healthy issues, be you should discuss the ride with your physician. Any special accommodations should also be discussed with Team Leader, Konnie Drews during the
registration process.

Q:  What’s the schedule?
A:  Good question!  The trip itinerary is still in development.  More details will be available after our Leadership Team Planning Trip in November.

Q:  Will routes, dates, and locations change?
A:  March 30 – April 8th is the anticipated window during which the trip will occur.  Specific dates will be determined by airfare availability and rates, likely to be determined by Nov. 1st.  For the protection of the Papilio organization, we are not publishing the specific city we will be staying in, however ride details will be provided to participants.  We will be staying at a central hub and rides will consist of a variety of day trips.

Q:  Do I have to fundraise?
A:  Yes, each rider is expected to raise an at least an additional $1500 that goes directly to support  Papilio.  The hope and intent is that your fundraising efforts would not only raise funds but to bring awareness to the sex-trafficking issue.  However ultimately a rider could choose to pay the $1500. You may also consider recruiting Virtual Riders who can raise funds towards your campaign.

Q:  How much money do I need to contribute?
A:  Rider registration is $2500 with an additional fundraising minimum of $1500.  ALL funds are tax deductible and riders can seek support for their registration fee in addition to the fundraising.

Q:  What are the payment deadlines?
A:  Once your rider registration is approved, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required.
Oct. 1 – $1500  total due for rider registration
Nov. 1 – $2000 total due for rider registration
Jan. 1 – $2500 total due for rider registration (100% funded)

Feb. 15 – $500 fundraising minimum due
Mar. 15 – $1500 total fundraising minimum due (100% funded)

Q:  Will my supporters get tax credit?
A:   Yes!  ALL funds, including Rider Registration fees are tax deductible through our partnership with the non-profit, AFF.

Q:  What expenses will be covered? What am I expected to cover?
A:   Rider Registration fees cover airfare, accommodations, bike rental or transfer of your bike, Team transportation, organized Team excursions, and in-country Team meals.  Travelers are responsible for any tourist experiences outside of the trip itinerary and any items they wish to purchase to bring home.

Q:  Where do we stay at night?
A: Specific accommodations will be made once the total number of Riders is determined.  We anticipate renting a large home and travelers should expect double-occupancy of rooms and potentially shared bathrooms.

Q:  How far does the team travel each day?
A:  Initial estimates are 35 – 60 miles per day, depending on elevation gain.  Depending on the size and interests of our Riding Team, modifications may be available for riders who would prefer shorter or longer rides.

Q:  What kind of on-road support will there be for Riders?
A:  A SAG vehicle will accompany us to provide snacks and water as needed.  Among our Riding Team there will be Riders trained in first aid and basic bike maintenance.  Riders should bring along extra tubes and air for flats.

Q:  What kind of road conditions can I expect?
A:  Initial answer – road riding on paved streets that includes curves along the coast and hill climbs inland.  A more detailed description will be available in November.

Q:  What will we eat? Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?
A:  Some meals will be prepared in our shared home and others will be at local restaurants, providing variety.  Specific accommodations should be shared with Team Leader during registration.

Q:  How much free time will I have?
A:  The trip itinerary will include several optional excursions and activities that Riders can either choose to participate in, plan their own afternoon/evening activities, or stay at the house and rest.

Q:  Will there be a spiritual aspect to the trip?
A:  The Team Leaders are Christians and their motivation for planning this trip is to tangibly show God’s love through supporting an organization (Papilio) which endeavors to bring both spiritual and physical freedom to young women.  Each ride will begin with a prayer of protection and each morning there will be a time to gather for a devotional time – however each Rider may determine their own level of participation or non-participation. The trip itinerary will also include optional opportunities to attend church services as well as participate in street ministry, however no religious affiliation is required or expected to participate.

Q:  Will the whole group ride together?
A:  Likely, however depending on the size of our Riding Team, there may be route options.  Riders are may also choose to do solo or non-organized rides at their own discretion, however these would not have an accompanying SAG vehicle.

Q:  How will we advocate and raise money for the Papilio during the trip?
A:  Our hope is to bring awareness to the sex trafficking issue and potentially to raise financial and volunteer support for Papilio among the locals.  As we ride in local communities we will have the opportunity to share who we are and why we are riding.

Q:  Tell me about my bike…what kind of bicycle do I need, can I bring my own or can I rent one?
A:  A road bike or cross-over bike is appropriate.  Riders may choose to either ship their own bike or rent one in Spain. These costs are included in the trip and details will be available in November.

Q:  What if something happens to my bike, will bike repair services be available?
A:  Yes, we will be cycling in a cycling destination region with many bike shops.

Q:  What if something happens to me, is there emergency medical traveler’s insurance?
A:  Yes, this trip is sponsored by AFF who will be providing emergency medical traveler’s insurance.  Traveler’s may also want to check with your local insurance provider to determine what international coverage is available.

Q:  Can I modify my travel dates to arrive early or to extend my trip?
A:.  The Team will be traveling together however individual requests can be discussed with the Team Leader.

Q:  Can I use air miles towards the flight or have the option of upgrading to first class?
A:   Booking with air miles is not an option; Travelers may choose to pay separately for any available upgrades.

Q:  I have a spouse, child, or friend that would like to join the trip but they are not a cyclist – can they still come?
A:  Due to the cycling nature of the trip and limited spots available, non-riding participants cannot be accommodated.

Q:  What if I get injured or sick before the trip or have some other conflict, and am not able to cycle?
A:  Traveler’s who cancel are responsible for the fees incurred however our Team Leaders will make every effort to partner to find a replacement rider to minimize costs.  Airfare is not refundable once tickets have been purchased. Rider registration fees paid by the Rider will be refunded (minus the $500 non-refundable deposit and airfare) however any contributions made by other donors are considered fundraising for Papilio and will not be refunded.

Q:  I still have questions, who should I contact?

A:  Team Leader and Papilio U.S. Partner, Konnie Drews at papilio.spain.gmail.com